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Tips on Cleaning Untreated Wood

Cleaning is Easy. Natural Elements Require Simple and Natural Cleaning Solutions.

Simply use a fine grit sandpaper (220 grit, similar to a nail filer) Gently sand away any dirt or roughness off the surface or edges of your wooden toy. A simple mixture of water and anti-bacterial essential oil can be applied to a cloth to wipe wooden toys down.  Do not soak wood in water.  We do not recommend washing untreated wooden toys with water, as this may alter the texture, performance and quality of your wooden toy.  If a quick water rinse is necessary, use cool water and a lint free cloth (like linen) to quickly sponge out as much moisture as possible. Lay or hang to air dry completely.

For cleaning cottons and crochets on or around the wood, use water and a drop of natural soap (castile works great). Rinse well and immediately follow same drying procedure with lint free cloth sponging and air drying.


Safety Tips with  Wooden Teethers


Our Wooden Teethers are made from all Natural, ECO friendly and sustainable materials: Beech Wood, Maple Wood and Organic Cotton.


Wood has natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which make wood a great and safe teething material. 


Our Products are 3rd party laboratory inspected in California for CPSIA safety standards.  Although our wooden teethers have passed the “use and abuse” testing requirements, we urge parents to inspect toys before use.

Our Teethers are Lab tested and assured to be free of all toxic elements including BPA, PVC, phthalate, cadmium, latex, lead, or heavy metals.


Small parts of toys pose a hazard to babies and young children – they can cut, choke or strangle if they are not used safely.


Wooden beaded Pacifier Teething Straps should always have a pacifier or pendant attached at its end.  This helps prevent loose small parts and ensures safer teething.


Do not leave child unattended or asleep with teething toys and straps.  Safest place to attach a teether clip is below chest level and while supervised. Clips are not intended for chewing.  If a toy is broken discard immediately. Please be aware that children with mature teeth can rip, tear or break cotton strings.

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