Wooden Animal Teethers Maple Wood Baby Toys 4pk

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Introduce your little one to the world of natural play with our 4 Pack Wooden Toys, handcrafted from solid, untreated Maple wood. Perfectly sized for tiny hands, these teething toys are designed to provide relief from teething pain and discomfort while encouraging fine motor skills development.

This set includes 4 toys. You can request specific shapes in the order notes. If no request is specified, you will receive our default Forest Set: Deer, Owl, Bird, and Elephant. 

Each toy is sanded smooth and crafted into charming Forest and Sea Animal designs, making them not only functional but also delightful to look at.

Set Includes:
- 4 wooden toys of your choice
- Cute craft paper box
- Extra sanding paper
- Tips on cleaning and care

Custom Requests
If you prefer to swap one of the standard shapes with another, such as replacing a toy with a Hedgehog, please leave a note at checkout. We are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Key Features:
- On-the-Go Convenience: Easy to carry in your purse or use at home.
- Teething Relief: Great for soothing teething pain and discomfort.
- Motor Skills Development: Helps baby develop fine motor skills.
- Safe and Sound: Made from natural Maple wood, which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
- Care Tips: Seal with oil before use to prevent drying. Avoid dishwasher and high temperatures.

These natural toys are safe to use with essential oil blends for teething, offering a holistic approach to your baby's teething needs.

Order your 4 Pack Wooden Toys today and provide your baby with safe, natural, and delightful teething relief!

Additional Information:
- Material: Solid Natural Untreated Maple Wood
- Packaging: Craft paper box
- Included: Extra sanding paper and care tips
- Care Instructions: Seal with oil, avoid dishwasher and high temperatures.

Customer Reviews:

"My baby loves these teething toys! The quality is excellent and the shapes are adorable." - Emily R.

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